Monday, August 18, 2008

There will be special recognition for individuals who complete all the races in the MNTRS.

The title is from the MN Trail Running Series rules, and is driving four of us. The 'other three' are Kel, James, and John. This weekend it was almost down to three. The other three.

The Days of Old 10K in Maple Lake was the 8th run of the series.
I stayed with my brother and family in Waconia, and headed to the race from there. Everything seemed to be going fine, until my motorcycle decided it'd had enough. Thankfully I'd left early, and had broken down less than 10 blocks from my brother's house. I got warmed up running back to the house, and then had to go wake him up. "Uh, David... can I borrow the car?"

So I made it to the race. Assured Kate that no, I wasn't going to run the race in my jeans. Chit-chatted with the other three, Keith, Steve, Kate, and probably some others. And then we got to it. The race went well. I was pushing pretty hard, and couldn't figure out why it was so loud back in the woods. Oh yeah, that was me breathing. I tried to hold off another runner for awhile, up and down the hills... but she eventually went cruising by. I finished in about 56:30 and am happy with that (~9:07s). Mostly I'm happy that I'm still in the hunt for the special recognition with the other three.

Of course, once the fun was over it was back to reality... 100 miles from home, too far to push the motorcycle.

Texted my friend Steve to see if he was interested in wasting 5 hours of his life that he'd never be able to get back - the thought being that he'd drive from Rochester to pick up the Wing and I. Turns out he was at Valley Fair. Hmmm. "When are you heading home, and do you have room for me?" Turns out I'd get to waste my own time taking care of my stuff... as it should be.

Earlier my brother and I had been discussing weekends when I could return with my pickup and help haul a backyard playset. While we were waiting for the 7:00pm Valley Fair departure, it dawned on me that the next morning I was going to be returning with my pickup and a trailer. After a call to the friend with the playset the evening tear-down plan was in place.

So, I got a ride home Saturday night. Sunday morning I left home and picked up Steve's trailer. The trailer was full of brush so I drove to Chris' to dump that. Then drove to Nick's in Savage and loaded up the playset.

Cruised to my brother's in Waconia to unload. Then loaded up the motorcycle, which was way easier than I thought it'd be. Went for some food, and pulled the motorcycle home.

Not too bad for some last minute scrambling.

Of course, I didn't do my last long training run at Afton on Sunday for Moose Mountain as planned. At least I'm only doing the marathon... the kid's race that weekend. :) I'm looking forward to seeing everyone complete their Superior race after all the hard training that's been done.

Good job to all the Days of Old 10K runners.


Blogger Londell said...

To bad as i know you love riding the bike... Keep up the goal... I think there are 4 races left? Cool!

6:30 AM  
Blogger Kel said...

Bummer about the bike Wayne, especially since you just got it fixed and out on the road a few weeks ago.

Glad there's still all 4 of us in the running!

8:23 AM  
Blogger SteveQ said...

I love that you call the Moose Marathon the kid's run. I once ran a race that called itself a 26 mile fun run, as it was just short of a marathon.

10:56 AM  
Blogger keith said...

lol at kid's race.

hopefully there will be some room at the kid's table at the dinner after the race...see you there!

1:05 PM  

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