Sunday, July 05, 2009

Afton 25K

This weekend was the Afton Trail Races... the 25K and 50K. Another great event -- Thank You to everyone involved!! It's very fun to get out there and see lots of friends. Congrats to everyone that ran!

After some negotiations* my friend Ted and I decided we'd wear our Afton hats, Chippewa shirts, and black shorts. But I had to draw the line at the silly looking goatee. Since Londell didn't get a picture of Ted, we'll just have to wing it.

(pic from Londell)
Ted, sorta
(original pic from Londell)

ok, a real picture
(pic from Bryan Cochran Photography)

The Race: started out with Ted... eventually he dropped me. Then we ran together for awhile... eventually he dropped me. Then we ran together for awhile... eventually he dropped me. This seemed to go on forever. At one point I told him "I hate you -- drop me and then keep going, would ya? I stop chasing you when I can't see you any more...". Early on I accidentally almost got my shoulders out ahead of his and out came the arms... holding me back. And since Ted is into that crazy MMA/jiu jitsu stuff, I knew one more step and I'd probably be on the ground getting tapped out. I didn't want any of that! Then way later he switched and seemed to be threatening me again, this time making me run all-out to the finish while he figured he'd coast in and enjoy himself. What could I do but go?? So I did.

last aid station
(pic from Bryan Cochran Photography)

Going into the race I was wondering how things would go. I've been struggling a bit since FANS... seems like runs have been tougher and have taken more out of me than usual. I suppose that's normal for awhile, but how long is that supposed to last? I figured today would be a good test and hopefully indicate I was mostly recovered. Well, I came within 2 minutes of my PR: last year I ran 3:06:17 and this year 3:08:04 (close but no cigar - sorry, Londell!).

And now that I'm safely out of Ted's reach I can say... it's his fault. As in, it's his fault I was as close to PRing as I did. I'm pretty sure left to myself from the beginning I would've coasted more. So it was good to be chasing Ted to keep things moving. Thanks, man. Things held together pretty well and I don't seem overly beat up today so I'm definitely happy with the race and feeling better about my recovery from FANS.

Bring on the Half Voyageur!! :)

Thanks again to John and Alicia and everyone else involved in putting on this great race, and congratulations to everyone that toed the line and gave it a go yesterday!!

* that's a joke, there was no planning involved... but we did show up wearing pretty much the same stuff.


Blogger Helen said...

Hilarious post!! And great photo(s) :)

I'll have to check the results though cos I'm left wondering if there really is a 'Ted' at all...

But even if the mind has not fully recovered from FANS the body sure has! Nice run.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Kel said...

Coming within 2 min of your PR at Afton on a wickedly humid day is pretty darn good!

Have a great run at the Half Voyageur next weekend!

PS> Love the photo of Ted :)

10:38 AM  
Blogger SteveQ said...

I saw the two of you together, dressed alike. I almost wore my Chippewa shirt and decided against last year's Afton shirt because I figured there'd be a lot of them out there. Co-ordination of clothes: the next great realm of ultrarunning.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is too funny!!! I felt like I was holding you back. I need to thank you for pushing me. Oh, and also thank the runner who let me use his race number. Call me and we'll figure out what we'll wear for the Half Voyageur. I just may run it.


7:11 PM  
Blogger Wayne said...

Ted does exist, really!! :)
Actually a real picture showed up so I added it to the race report.

11:32 PM  
Blogger Karen G said...

Funny post!!!
There is a Ted, he is the identical twin brother of Pete, right?
Congrats on doing at least pretty close to last year.
You shoud be all warmed up for Voyageur this weekend now.

12:55 PM  
Blogger bryan said...

A run where jiujitsu moves were fair game would really put new meaning into "ultra" running...

Nice seeing you there, and great job!

2:36 AM  

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