Tuesday, September 23, 2008

City of Lakes Trail-Loppet Half Marathon

This past weekend was race #10 of the MN Trail Running Series. It was fun to have another race, and to see some of the usual cast of characters: Kel, Jim, John, Kate, Brook, Steve, and Lisa. Congrats to those who ran fast enough to bring home some hardware!



It was a great day for a run. Nothing too out of the ordinary (well, maybe a few things were): ran too fast at the beginning; started thinking I better slow down and settle in; started thinking I should've done the 5k; had Steve join me (Thanks, Steve) to make sure I wouldn't slow down and settle in; Steve left me, I got stung by 2 bees, Steve came back and hadn't been stung (what's up with that, Steve?); died at about 7.5 miles and was slow-mode the rest of the way --yippee, #10 is in the books.

Or not. Checked the online results last night and my name wasn't listed. huh?? Uh-oh. No official results, no series sweep prize?!? (Unless Kate remembers hearing the race announcer call out my name when I finished? And/or accepts my gps track as proof I really did it? Or...??) Anyway, sent a couple emails and rumor has it my name will be added. My question about that is: is the guy just going to add me because I said I did it, or will he go back and find whatever was missed the first time? If he's just going to add me, maybe I should've given him a better time? :) just kidding.

A couple other good things about the weekend:
- bought a 'Duluth pack' style bag from a guy who just happened to live about 3 miles from the race site. The hope is that on future camping trips I will no longer be the guy making 5 trips back and forth from the vehicle to carry 18 different things individually. I'll be trying it out at Frontenac this Fri night... anyone want to join me? If so, are you good with fire??

- scouted out the Surf the Murph park on Sunday. I'm not sure I was on the actual race course trails, but the running surface seems good - some uneven ground but not a lot of rocks and roots. There are some big hills out there! This won't be an easy course.

- did all my traveling, including to the race on Sat morning, on the motorcycle and had no problems. woohoooo!!


Blogger SteveQ said...

Just sent you an email asking about the results snafu. We'll get you your points.

I've sent race directors notices that they missed me and had my name added. I don't think they check!

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice purchase Wayne...Nice purchase!


5:07 PM  
Blogger Kel said...

I guess the bees that missed you at Moose Mountain finally caught up at Wirth, huh? Nice finish - only 2 left in the series!

Sounds like your planning on Surf the Murph too ;)

12:29 PM  
Blogger SteveQ said...

Now that you've posted the photos, it looks like I'm not strong enough to support the medal (which I have to give back!)

10:52 AM  

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