Sunday, October 05, 2008

In Yan Teopa and Twin Cities Marathon

A couple weeks ago I camped out at Frontenac State Park and ran In Yan Teopa (#11 of 12 on the quest for a fancy mirror): the initial downhills and chatting with Lynn Saari got me going too fast, and I paid for it later. Very nice day for a run, and another excellent job by Larry and all the great folks involved. Congrats to Jim for keeping the streak alive with some 'high paced' driving! And for some reason it cracked me up that within about 3 minutes of Karen's finish, her knee problem had been diagnosed and she'd been given about 18 different stretches and exercises to deal with it -- I hope you can remember all that!

I didn't run the Twin Cities Marathon, but hooked up with Pete Anderson around mile 23 to watch -- Congrats to all those who ran it! It was fun and inspiring to be out there. I usually do ok with pictures, but today's are pretty rough. And I did pretty well spotting people [gotta love those Afton shirts!] until Ted showed up. So if you're bummed that I didn't get a crappy picture of you... sorry. Blame Ted.








Blogger bryan said...

Thanks for cheering us on, and for somehow managing to get a shot of me at mile 24 looking much better than I felt at that moment...

2:22 AM  

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